Below you will find an overview of frequently asked questions and answers in relation to your work at Recolo. Is the answer to your question not listed? Then contact us.

When will my salary be paid?2018-04-20T11:22:28+02:00

Recolo pays the wages every four weeks. The dates on which the wage is paid out.

Paydays in 2018

Can I get an advance?2018-04-20T11:21:42+02:00

If you are short of cash for a moment, you can submit a request for an advance. Recolo can pay an advance depending on the number of hours worked. We would like to receive the request in writing and therefore request this by e-mail at info@recolo.nl. State in your mail the amount of the amount you want to receive as an advance.


How do I fill in my hours?2018-04-20T11:20:33+02:00

As a new employee you will receive a login from our online portal by e-mail. In the online portal you can enter your hours that you have worked and then offer to the client for approval.

In the next video you get an explanation how you can log in and fill in hours.

Where can I find my payslips?2018-04-20T11:19:22+02:00

Pay slips are sent by e-mail and can also be found in our online portal.
In the next video you will get an explanation of where you can find your paychecks.


Where can I find the state of my holiday allowance and holiday hours?2018-04-20T11:18:23+02:00

On your own page in the online portal you can see how much holiday pay and holiday hours you have accumulated. In the next video you get an explanation where you can find this.


What should I do if I am sick?2018-04-20T11:17:20+02:00

It is important that you indicate it in time when you are ill. In this way Recolo can quickly look for replacement. But the most important thing is that the client is informed in time. We expect you to inform us by telephone by calling 020 344 63 00 and by e-mail confirming that you are ill. Recolo will then, when necessary, call in an ARBO doctor who will contact you.

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