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We need people like you!

Are you looking for a job as a hotel receptionist? And do you live in Amsterdam or in the near vicinity? Maybe you are the one we are looking for! Tourism in Amsterdam is booming, and hotels are always looking for new talents in the hotel industry.You understand and like working with people from many cultures and origins. Maybe you speak more than 2 languages? More than that, you have a cheery and positive attitude, and you like to “contaminate” everyone around you with it!

Become the face of Amsterdam

Of course, this sounds a bit extreme, but for the tourists that just come from the airport and who have never set foot in the Netherlands before, you are one of their very first impressions of Amsterdam! Therefore we are recruiting people who realize that they can make the stay of the guests truly fantastic! We especially love candidates who have a passion to share about the city. Are you a foodie? A history junkie? Do you know the best romantic places in Amsterdam?
Then you have that extra something that can be so valuable!

Be part of a team of professional hotelreceptionists

You may be alone behind the front desk, maybe as a night auditor, but people who have experience as receptionists in hotels know that it is a team effort! You like to communicate the relevant information from one shift to another. For example, you did not forget to write down that room 21 got their suitcase lost at the airport and that we are waiting for a phone call about it.

To summarize, your past jobs as hotel receptionist or night audit have taught you about being thorough, organized, and you know how to use at least one booking system (our clients work mostly with Lodgegate, Mews, and IDPMS). If you think you can contribute to giving a great experience to tourists in Amsterdam, then you should contact us! We have part-time and full-time positions, or maybe you are just interested to make some money in the weekends, from time to time ?

Tell us what you want, we’ll see what we can do!

We require you to:

  • Have a responsible attitude
  • Be Flexible, you have to work occasionally in the weekends
  • To live in or around Amsterdam
  • Speak English or Dutch
  • Be resistant to stressful situations
  • Have experience with hotel reservations systems
  • Be reliable
  • Express hostmanship

We offer you:

  • Hotels in the very center of Amsterdam
  • Our team will assist you if you need us!
  • Flexibility: full time for a month then part-time? That is possible!
  • You can just work a few extra shifts to earn more money
  • 10 years of experience for you
  • Payment per week or every four weeks, always on time!
  • Online payslips, you can access your files at anytime
  • Get referral bonuses by introducing us your friends!

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