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Recolo Academy

With our years of experience in the job market, we understand that education is essential for growth. Once we’ve found the perfect job for you, we explore the various courses and training programs available to help you develop your skills and become an even better professional.

Choosing the right education is crucial, and we work together to outline your goals and preferences before you embark on a training journey. We regularly check in with you, offering support when you encounter challenges and celebrating your successes along the way!

Why Recolo Academy?

Pursue a paid training that aligns perfectly with your needs

Receive proper guidance through a personalized development plan

Be coached towards the next step in your hospitality career

Which course suits you?

Masterclass Hospitality

An intensive training where you learn the ins and outs of hospitality. Discover how to anticipate guest needs and delve into communication, customer service and etiquette.

Basic Hospitality Skills

During this training for beginners you will receive practice-oriented education and learn all the basic skills you need. Think of customer service, communication and teamwork, but also catering-specific skills, such as setting tables, serving and hygiene.

Teacher course

Do you mainly want to guide, coach and support others? Then the master course is tailor-made for you. Here you will discover how to share your experience and knowledge with others and create a stimulating learning environment.

Social hygiene

How do you deal with a guest who has had one too many drinks? You will learn this and more during the Social Hygiene course. Discover how to create a safe guest environment that meets legal standards.

Emergency response course

In emergency situations you need people who act quickly and decisively. During the emergency response course you will learn skills that will save lives, such as firefighting and evacuation.

Language course

In the catering industry you receive people from all over the world. That's one of the best things about this profession. All the better if you can speak to them in their own language. At Recolo you can take high-quality language courses to brush up on your Dutch or English.

Your BBL process, paid for by us

The hospitality industry is a wonderful sector, where career opportunities are plentiful – whether you want to become a chef, host, receptionist or barista. To address the structural shortage of trained personnel, we pay for a number of motivated and talented candidates to complete their BBL program (vocational training path).

During this training you will receive support at school and at your workplace. While you learn, you can also earn some money. With us you follow a BBL program of one or two years, depending on the course. You will first be employed by us, and after completing the training you can start working for one of our clients.

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