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At Recolo, we collaborate with you to create the perfect guest experience. You’re in control: sign up today and choose where and when you work. We’ll take care of the rest—administration, taxes, pension; leave it all to us. You focus on what truly matters: the guest and the experience.

Personal Attention

Recolo guides and coaches, ensuring you always go to work with a positive mindset.

Working Together, Now and Future

We prefer not just fleeting encounters but long-term collaboration, getting to know each other along the way.

Get what you're worth

A salary that aligns with your responsibilities.

Fast but accurate

Signing contracts, payment, administration: at Recolo, everything moves quickly and accurately.

Recolo Academy

Here, you have the opportunity to learn and grow through high-quality training and courses.

Clear Communication

At Recolo, you always know where you stand. Questions? We're here for you 7 days a week.

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You decide

What, where, when? You’re in control. Among all our jobs and shifts, you’ll always find something that suits you. If you prefer, we can quickly find the perfect match for you. If your situation or schedule changes suddenly, no problem, we’re happy to adapt. You’re in charge.

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We Take Care

You should be able to focus on your work. That’s why at Recolo, you’re an employee, not a freelancer. No hassle with administration and taxes—leave that to us. We take care of your holiday pay, pension, and pay you promptly every four weeks. Or even every week, as you prefer. At Recolo, you won’t be faced with surprises.

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You learn

Here, you get the chance to exceed yourself. The Recolo Academy offers high-quality and relevant training, guidance, and coaching to turn you into a top-notch professional.

Recolo Academy

Curious? Check our candidates experiences!

Boris Cribio
Boris Cribio
Outstanding Job Placement Experience with Recolo I had a remarkable experience with Recolo, particularly with Nick, who helped me secure a fantastic job in a central Amsterdam hotel. Nick's professionalism and personalized approach stood out, ensuring a seamless process. Recolo's commitment to finding the right fit and Nick's industry insights make Recolo a top choice for anyone seeking quality job placement services. Highly recommend!
Robin Korkor
Robin Korkor
The team that works at the office is an amazing helping hand, understandable and lovely poeple. Company is an amazing learning experience for juniors in the horeca business!
David Olanrewaju
David Olanrewaju
My experience with this company has been amazing. The best agency to work with. So reliable and efficient!
andrea avila
andrea avila
Es una muy buena empresa. en mi experiencia personal debo decir que han sido serios y responsables en todo lo acordado, siempre con personal dispuestos a asesorarte en todo.
graciela minervino
graciela minervino
Recomiendo y sugiero el vínculo con Recolo. Soy empleada de ellos, y siempre han cuidado de mi trabajo, atendido a mis necesidades, y cumplimiento contractual en tiempo y forma. Destaco el recurso humano con que cuentan. Laura Zapico, es un impecable interlocutor entre nosotros y la empresa.
Wilhelm Willeke
Wilhelm Willeke
Great company, to work in the Netherlands, what makes the difference is the closeness you have with the people like Laura, Marina and Michal. It is recommended whether you speak English, Spanish or any other language, they will always be willing to listen to you and help you. A great team at your service! Great Recolo.
Людмила Вакулюк
Людмила Вакулюк
Дуже вдячна агенції Реколо, особливо менеджеру Олександрі! Майже рік пропрацювавши, мене завжди терпляче вислухають, дадуть гідну пораду! Ніколи немає проблем з отриманням зп! Багато людей, яким я рекомендувала Реколо, також дуже задоволені!
я забросила канал
я забросила канал
Работаю в Реколо 8 месяцев,очень довольна, устроилась на работу за 2 дня,на собеседование прошло все легко,все доступно объяснили и помогли.Зарплата стабильная и без задержек.Александра всегда на связи,всегда поможет и подскажет,очень добрый и отзывчивый человек! Рекомендую,как агенство по трудоустройству!🌹🌹🌹🤗
Raisa Lastenko
Raisa Lastenko
Работаю в компании два месяца и очень довольна. Пришла в компанию по рекомендации и познакомилась с менеджером Александрой и согласовав все моменты по работе а также заработную плату ,заключили контракт.Очень благодарна Александре за отзывчивость, поддержку и понимание, всегда выслушает и поможет. Очень довольна коллективом,все очень дружные.
Frequently Asked Questions

Everything else you want to know

How do I apply for a position at Recolo?

It’s straightforward! From the job vacancy page, you can apply directly via WhatsApp or with just one click on the ‘Apply Now’ button. Choose one of the available positions and fill in the application form with your personal details, work experience, and educational background. Attach your CV and cover letter, and hit send! We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

What do I need to work at Recolo?

First and foremost: a hospitality heart. We are especially looking for motivated employees who know what hard work is. Additionally, you should function well in a team but also be able to work independently. Convinced that you have what it takes? Apply today!

Do I have training or development opportunities at Recolo?

Yes! Through the Recolo Academy, we offer you high-quality training and courses. Together with you, we determine which training programs best align with your role and ambitions.

What are the benefits of working at Recolo?

First and foremost: an employer who believes in you and your abilities. That’s why we provide you with ample opportunities for growth and a salary that aligns with your responsibilities. And importantly, you work where and when you want.

How does the application process work at Recolo?

We like to take the time to truly get to know you. During the introductory interview, we discuss your experience and ambitions. After that, we delve into your skills and personality. If we’re a good match, we assist you in finding a suitable position. Together, we work towards your next career step.

Working at Recolo, how is it actually?

On the About Us page, you’ll find more about who we are, what we believe in, and how we work. You can read our story and see how hospitality is ingrained in the Recolo DNA.

Hoelang duurt het voordat ik een reactie krijg?

We snappen dat je zo snel mogelijk wilt weten waar je aan toe bent. Daarom proberen we binnen 24 uur te reageren. En als je eenmaal een geschikte werkplek hebt gevonden, doen we ons uiterste best om je dezelfde week nog te laten starten.

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