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Creating the perfect guest experience – isn’t that the goal of every hotelier? For that, you need the very best staff; people you can count on. Recolo swiftly connects you with reliable and flexible professionals. Since 2006, we’ve been providing expertise for the Hospitality sector. We take care of everything from A to Z: offering advice, handling administrative tasks, and ensuring compliance with all regulations when hiring personnel. Are you checking in?

17+ years of experience

Do you have doubts about your vacancy? With over 17 years of experience in the sector, we know what works. We're happy to provide guidance!

Professional and Reliable

Recolo is affiliated with ABU and only places specialized and qualified personnel.

Working Together, Now and in the Future

We prefer to build long-term relationships: our work doesn't end with a placement.

Flexible and Skilled

Recolo works with you. Placement, communication, invoicing—everything happens your way.

Immediate Support

At Recolo, you always know where you stand. Questions? We're here for you 7 days a week.

Recolo Academy

Our employees continuously develop themselves through relevant training and courses.

Our Specializations


Hotel Receptionist


Food & Beverage employee

Working together on experience

Your guest has high expectations. From the room to breakfast and from room service to cleaning, everything must be top-notch. To meet all those demands, you need professionals you can rely on. Recolo connects you with trustworthy, flexible personnel that puts the guest first. That’s how we work together to create an experience.

You focus on the guest

The more you have to manage, the less attention is left for your guest. Let us take care of all that hassle. Matching, placement, and onboarding through Recolo are lightning-fast; in no time, you have the right person in the right place. But our work doesn’t end with a placement: we handle personnel administration, ensure everything happens according to official rules, and are available seven days a week with expert advice and practical support.

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What employees think of us

Alicia Díaz Kreutz
Alicia Díaz Kreutz
Nick helped me a lot with my search for my new job, which I am very happy with. He made everything easier and made it easier for me to start my new job. I am very grateful to him!
Was begeleid door Nick van Dorp met het vinden van een baan via Recolo, heb er een hele goede ervaring uit gekregen, het contact met Nick was professioneel maar tegelijkertijd ook persoonlijk en behulpzaam. Hij begreep direct goed wat voor werk bij mij paste en kon mij al snel een nieuwe baan vinden, ook gaf hij goede tips voor de sollicitatie gesprekken waardoor ik makkelijker aangenomen kon worden en gelijk aan het werk kon! Top gast 💪
Solène Declas
Solène Declas
Alexander was so helpful! He’s fast to respond and help out with any queries & got me a temp job in the space of only needing work for 2 weeks! Highly recommend :)
Adrian Alcazar
Adrian Alcazar
The best agency I have worked with in the Netherlands, their workers are very close and are always attentive and willing to help you, Mariana is always available for any questions, she is the best!
Nicolae Dan Burada
Nicolae Dan Burada
Nick van Dorp the Best💪🏼
Πάνος Τζιάνας
Πάνος Τζιάνας
I discovered Recolo through Nick van Dorp, he was Very helpfull with me and within no time found a suitable job. Thank you Very much.
adil boukadir
adil boukadir
I would definitely recommend Recolo they have a great team and especially Nick van dorp he is amazing and gifted guy there no mountain to high everything is provided with great clarity and suited bets to every individual needs 🙌
Boris Cribio
Boris Cribio
Outstanding Job Placement Experience with Recolo I had a remarkable experience with Recolo, particularly with Nick, who helped me secure a fantastic job in a central Amsterdam hotel. Nick's professionalism and personalized approach stood out, ensuring a seamless process. Recolo's commitment to finding the right fit and Nick's industry insights make Recolo a top choice for anyone seeking quality job placement services. Highly recommend!
Robin Korkor
Robin Korkor
The team that works at the office is an amazing helping hand, understandable and lovely poeple. Company is an amazing learning experience for juniors in the horeca business!
Frequently Asked Questions

Everything else you want to know

What services does Recolo offer to hotels?

From candidate recruitment and employee training to administrative support and advice on personnel management. We ensure the best staff, streamlined processes, and high-quality guest experiences.

How do I request a quote for the recruitment of hotel staff?

It’s easy! Contact us through this form or just give us a call at 020-344 63 00. We’ll discuss your requirements and provide a personalized quote.

Which hotel professionals are included in your pool?

At Recolo, you can find all operational staff for small and large hotels. Think of front office staff, service personnel, housekeepers, and kitchen staff. Contact us to discuss your specific staffing needs.

What are the qualifications and experience of your candidates?

It varies! We recruit candidates with diverse skills and levels of experience—depending on who you need. One thing is certain: we continuously work on the personal and professional growth of our candidates.

What does it cost to hire staff through your recruitment services?

We offer flexible rates and cost structures. Depending on the staff you’re looking for, we create a tailored cost estimate. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

How long does it typically take to receive a response to my quote or information request?

We understand that you want to know quickly where you stand. Therefore, we do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Ask and get an answer

We’re here to help—with any question. Leave your details, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.